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I have found some drives don’t work. Use the menu on the lower right to close the alpha keyboard, and use the numeric keyboard. The MTV provides options beyond the 15″ display by offering an HDMI output to any compatible TV or Monitor whilst the Cloud products support wireless access from an iPad or local access from a display with a capacitive screen with the same support for gestures as the tablet. Select a valid Chinese font, as shown in picture 5; picture 5. Users can do some adjustments that meet their demands. Just click the upload button:. The PLC words controls the window number; Designate window no.:

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The selected Chinese font is invalid, as shown in picture 3; picture 3 Solution: The screens, all equipped with resistive analogue touch screens, weinte 4. Example showing the EasyBuilder When a large image is displayed, for weintek hmi i series usb, using a color image as background image may cause the HMI process speed to slow down.

Step 1 First of all, create a new project.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. With nearly 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of Human Machine Interface HMI products and solutions, the Weintek product family offers a range of options for use in the Industrial Automation and Process Control environment.

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Sometimes it doesn’t work. The selected Chinese font is invalid, as shown in picture 3; picture 3.

Welcome to

We are continually adding support below. Weintek hmi i series usb are programmed using the free EasyBuilder Pro software. This allows users to access the system from anywhere where the wireless network is accessible within the plant.

I had an MTi that wouldn’t work with flash drive, no matter what I did.

weintek hmi i series usb Step 6 At this time, if [LB] is pressed and force current user to logout, the system will return to initial bmi.

Attached Images easybuilder manager. There are two ways of capturing the simulation screen display: You may need to register but the download is free.

Press OK, the object looks like a rectangle at this moment. Paste it into an image editing tool and save it.

Users are allowed to use their logos as the start up screen through this method. Please read this important info!!!

EasyAccess 2.0

If error messages appear as picture below when downloading project via USB cable, please check follow points: Most units also include Ethernet communications. Below is the link uxb Weintek wenitek page. It is necessary to install EBV2. Click on the Tools at the menu bar, and then click on Folder Options. You are not registered yet. It is programmed using weintek hmi i series usb free EasyBuilder Pro software.


At this time, no user is entered. Click here now to try it.

Weintek HMI – Advanced EasyView models, with USB, CF and Ethernet

The serial interface of SPRT printers are compatible with RSC standard, the interface socket is rectangle pin female socket, which matches rectangle pin male socket. The formula of circle is the same as square setting as below picture. The countries that run operating systems using semicolon as list separator are listed weintek hmi i series usb, please complete the setting before exporting CSV file. The formats seen in HEX edit are listed; low bytes first, high bytes follow. The following are the instructions for setting up the printer take HP printer for weintek hmi i series usb If users would like to download project through Ethernet, there are two ways for selection.