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Flashing — modem is scanning the network and attempting to register Solid — modem is acquired. Michele August 10, , 4: Some of them will lock a modem to only work with a specific MAC address, and since your modem was or may have been? If anyone knows of a driver for this or how to contact Scientific Atlantic, Cisco or whoever is making this, please let me know. How long it takes to deliver to your door is strictly within USPS control and not within the control of seller.

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I agree but between the router and the modem …try to set it up yourself.

Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR DPC2100

What could possible be the problem? Ross Gilchrist December 29,8: Sometimes after wakeup the connection is there, sometimes not. Watches Sports Watches Leather Watches. Ross McKillop April 3, Hey guys im having trouble trying to hook up my xbox live, this modem only has 1 Ehernet portal does the xbox ehernet cabel and the ehernet cabel for the computer have to be plugged it to.

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Stan June 29,5: I tried uninstalling it and installing it even webxtar rebootingto no avail. Re response by Ross McKillop There seems to be a resynchronization problem whenever the modem experiences a little disturbance.

Restarting the PC solves the problem, but restarting vista takes ages. I unplugged the power source and there are lights still blinking at a 10 second interval.

wbstar Fabricio June 29,3: Miguel Alban June 7,2: If you unplug all the cables the light will stop, its blinking either from the ethernet cord from your computer or from the coaxle cable. Fragrances Women’s Perfume Men’s Cologne.

Gustavo May 4,9: Carlos Medina November 5,7: Yes i am having erros on the xbox consule saying mtu settings need to be the minimum of and i was wondering if yaw can change my mtu settings.

The second will be your modem. Carlos Crespo August 8, Soemone Jimmy said that the local IP was I just recently got cable internet thru brighthouse, and was provided with a modem just like the one that i have and it is working.

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I am hooked up to the computer thru the usb port but can not get it going with my ehternet hub.

WEBSTAR Scientific Atlanta DPCR2 mac CABLE MODEM USB EtherNet DPC for sale

Scientific Atlanta DPC not functioning well when connected two pc, one to ethernet port and other connected t usb port. Alan October 22,1: Viral Panchal April 21, Adam H August 23,6: I have the router through comcast cable and it i s soooooo slow almost like dial up.

This will bring you to a command prompt screen. Here is my setup ….

Eric October 22,8: The Ethernet cord works on my friends computer but not mine. Erin August 7,9: