18 May, 2018


Wacom Support Product support Drivers. In InDesign, the pen button makes it scroll, but it’s a jumpy one-axis scroll that doesn’t invoke the grabber hand tool. Windows – Driver 6. InDesign does not always use the spacebar as a shortcut for scrolling – when you are in an active text frame, for example and for reasons I am sure are obvious the ALT key has that functionality. Try disabling windows ink in wacom settings while in InDesign to do stuffs, just enable it back when painting in photoshop to activate pen pressure. Please type your message and try again.

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But I’m running Windows 10 preview so I wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with it. Some of the problem may not be in the tablet. There’s also the Bamboo Fun, but mine’s just the Bamboo.

The interpretations of the input in both InDesign and the other CS applications is hacky and buggy: Wacom bamboo mte 450a really has a lot more to do with Wacom than it does InDesign, as tablets can usually but not always be configured differently with different applications. In your system prefs, check the Wacom tablet options out, you may be able to configure your pen buttons to work differently with Wacom bamboo mte 450a.

I believe I’ve found a solution: H is the [accelerator] key for the Hand Tool, which is also the same tool you’re engaging when you hold down the spacebar although with less functionality. The wacom bamboo mte 450a is definitely between the Adobe applications, not the fault of the Wacom driver as people seem to be trying to imply.

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Windows – Driver 6. If you wacom bamboo mte 450a stretch to an Intuous 4 they are extremely configurable, and can be bamboi differently for individual apps. It doesn’t work in InDesign anywhere, though. Schau 4500a ob es eine aktualisierte Version bei Wacom gibt. The behaviour is the same regardless of that setting. I have the same question Show 1 Likes 1. I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet the lowest-end one Doesn’t help too much, unfortunately wacom bamboo mte 450a ‘the lowest end one’ doesn’t provide anyone with enough information waclm give you a reliable diagnosis of your problem, sorry!


Also, ich habe seit gestern dass Problem, dass immer wenn ich meinen Laptop hochfahre Windows 8 der Wacom bamboo mte 450a schwarz wird, eine Fehlermeldung zu meinem Wacom Bamboo Tablett komm und dann dieser blaue Bildschirm “Auf dem PC ist ein Problem aufgetreten, er muss neu gestartet werden.

InDesign does not always use the spacebar as a shortcut for scrolling – when you are in an active text frame, for example and for reasons I am sure are obvious the ALT key has that functionality. Make mhe text frame in Illustrator or Photoshop.

I knew it had something to do with the tablet because using a mouse did not show the same click and pan delays. Acemay dann wacom bamboo mte 450a Win Probleme mit dem Treiber. Photoshop is the same way about the spacebar—neither it nor the pen work in an active text field. Windows 10 crashed, was tun? You wacom bamboo mte 450a see this by at least two unexpected, unintended, undesirable behaviours:.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Wacom tablet grabber hand scrolling | Adobe Community

The Wacom preferences suggest that it should work wacom bamboo mte 450a “applications that pan with a grabber hand”, so I’m not sure why it has this issue. Anyway, an override in the Wacom settings to get the hand tool to send a spacebar instead seems to work—the only problem is that it wacom bamboo mte 450a me type a space now and then when I try to scroll while in a text entry box. In your Wacom Tablet settings bqmboo ‘InDesign’ as the application specific settings, then navigate to the “Pen” tab.

If you bamhoo your pen button settings for “all applications” wacom bamboo mte 450a “keystroke” as “SPACE”key, you will be able to move around InDesign, without having to choose another tool to bbamboo away from the Hand tool.

Awcom vor allem welche In InDesign, it still does the wacom bamboo mte 450a jerky scroll it does when scrolling with the touchpad. There are a few Bamboo models Touch, Pen and Touch, original with varying controls on the side. Good thing to bring up, though in my case, I don’t think it’s the problem—my issue is with the hand tool not being invoked by the pen button in InDesign like it is in Photoshop and other apps that use a hand tool to scroll.


Just bypass the actual keyboard shortcut itself, and the same consistent behaviour would work in all application – wacom bamboo mte 450a is also consistent with the OS interpretation of the same event and its interpretation in applications like web browsers.

Surely it would be wacom bamboo mte 450a to trigger a system event within the application from a known, common type of input, without actually requiring that system event’s default keyboard shortcut’s keydown event to happen in the operating system at large? Bamboo Ink Stylus Driver 7. When I switch to the hand tool manually, it scrolls quickly and smoothly. Oft wenn ich den PC hochfahre kommt eine Fehlermeldung, es ist ein Problem aufgetreten? Support your way Product support.

“Auf dem PC ist ein Problem aufgetreten, er muss neu gestartet werden” Blauer Bildschirm?

It’s hard for me to get around without the grabber hand, since I’m so used to it. Driver Download In order to use your Wacom product properly with your wacom bamboo mte 450a, download and install a Windows or Mac driver from the list below. If bxmboo does sound like an issue with this tablet model, I may wacom bamboo mte 450a getting another and returning it if I have the same issues. Correct Answers – 10 points. 4450a for Previous Generation Products. I’m an experienced Photoshop user completely new to InDesign.

Drivers | Wacom

Please enter a title. I’m open to getting a better tablet if it’s just a quirk of this model.

wacom bamboo mte 450a BUT you have to set the other applications, finder, safari, illustrator So no Flicks activated. Your current account will not be available in the language and region you have selected.

Jemand eine Idee wie ich den Fehler beheben kann? It was probably a deliberate bambooo I’m using OS X Not the system event by default triggered by the space bar keyboard shortcut, but the actual space bar keydown event.