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Buying Format see all. They fit in your pocket, they run from two AA batteries and they can shoot video clips as well as stills. No menu-diving to change quality mode, either; there’s a button for that, too. OK, so that’s the good news. Good detail all the way to the corners, strong colour rather stronger than the real scene, actually, but happy snappers like their colours pumped up like this, so it’s no bad thing that the DV does it , good exposure, even a decent-looking sky. This doesn’t mean you have to get a tripod, though; it just means you have to rest the camera on something. I don’t know how consistent the focal distance of other DVs is likely to be.

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The only difference between full resolution and by is in time and memory card space. Mustek DV Digital Camcorder – 1. mustek camera

Digital Video Camera

Questionable lens quality, not-too-great mustek camera interfaces, slow shot-to-shot times, no flash mustek camera but they do have expandable memory and a little LCD screen. It’d be nice if there was a mustei tripod included as well, but you can’t have everything.

I took full and medium resolution shots of the same scene, Photoshop-scaled the full-res one down to byand compared them; the medium-res original was slightly sharper, but there was no real difference mustek camera image quality.

You don’t get optical zoom, of course; there’s 2X digital zoom, mustek camera might be useful for framing shots but will hurt resolution, unless you’re shooting in by mode. At last, a muztek stutter-vision long-shutter-speed mode in a super-toy-cam! It’ll compress really well.


The camera is meant to have a 70cm to infinity focal range which is fixed-focus-lens code for “a bit blurry at 70cm, and a bit blurry for distant subjects” musrek, but the realistic minimum focus distance for my review camera mustek camera more mustek camera two metres.

It requires 3 AAA batteries not included. Screen Size see all. Media Format see all.

Mustek Digital Cameras | eBay

Ideal for school kids who camrra to love digital photography. Mustek camera it into the TV at parties! Great feature set for the money, much better controls than mustek camera cameras of this type.

The grass isn’t really that green, but it looks nicer in the picture than in real life, and there’s detail in it without the colour-noise-storm that spoils many toy-cam pictures. There’s still some detail in the houses, and there’s colour in the sky.

T hanks fo r looking.

mustek camera If all you want is still photography, then a base-model Kodak or Olympus is a better choice. But if you want mustek camera get true infinity focus out of one of these cameras, or wind it in for ultra-macro work, you often can do it.

You can’t use the zoom while you’re recording video, but you can set it beforehand and then shoot mustek camera that zoom level; the DV doesn’t snap back to un-zoomed mode when you start video mustek camera. The DV is a mere 86 by 40 by 68mm 3.

The worst case scenario for full-resolution file sizes seems to be almost a megabyte, but to kilobytes seems much more likely. Click the above picture mustek camera you’ll get an by version; bandwidth-suckers who want a by one can click here.


People have peripheral vision out rather further mustek camera that, of course, but what normally sighted people perceive as their view of the world is a roughly 45 degree slice out of the middle. This item is New but the box has been opened. Still, the lenses mustek camera the other super-toy-cams just aren’t very good, focus or no focus.

Digital Camera

My review camera came with an oddly corrupted memory card; mustek camera caused the camera to display its “NO CARD” warning and then promptly turn itself off. When I did my usual indoor test shots with the DV, at ranges of a metre or less, I got hopelessly blurry results.

These “super-toy-cams” have cameea basic problems mustek camera all baby mustek camera. That said, though, the DV’s dealing bravely with this cruel treatment.

Digital Video Camera –

Mustek Digital Camcorder mustek camera 2. Mustek DV digital camera Review date: Controls and features The DV doesn’t have even mustek camera token optical viewfinder so framing shots in bright sunlight isn’t camers fun – that mighty one and three-eighth inch LCD screen washes out easilyand it doesn’t have an off switch that triggers when you close its screen. You May Also Like.

I like baby digital cameras, and I particularly like the cheap and cheerful still-plus-video variety.