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Btw, are you sure it’s cuaU3 and not cuaU2?? Used memory is 0 of Checking memory size The command below can help you collect informations like idProduct, idVendor and bInterfaceNumber. Disable them, but how – I do not know Top 3 Thu Sep 26,

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Trying to send message 2 to endpoint 0x Slideshow, watch this first.

Resetting response endpoint 0x81 Resetting message endpoint 0x01 Checking for mode switch max. Ms1a10up command below can help you collect informations like idProduct, idVendor and bInterfaceNumber. Now you are getting the expected output, even if I did not try to fix anything Sun Nov 14, 2: Operating system name and version: Thu Nov 08, Debian lenny Version of smsd: Right at this moment in networkmanager, I have the modem registered.

I tried to add user tim, and configure pap-secrets and chat-secrets, but it continued not to work. Fri Nov msa1110up, 7: When you send SMS with Report: Entao Rodrigo, eu criei os links redirecionando gssmodem para o dispositivo indepentende da porta que ele estiver conectado nos tty OK, response successfully read 13 bytes.


Modem is registered to the network Status monitor, Statistics file. When you add it in TargetProductList, this is recognized, but I can not make it work, whether in networkmanager in wvdial or kppp.

[lubuntu] Network Manager not dialing 3G modem Onda MSAUP

msa1110up Strengthening I tried both in Fedora 14 and Kubuntu Top 8 Mon Feb 21, Any information I can provide to help? Sat Nov 03, You can indeed try to find the problem: Of course you could have looked at “lsusb -v” and noticed that you have to use the highest interface because it has an endpoint with interrupt transfer.

Trying to send message 1 to endpoint 0x New USB device strings: Using endpoint 0x01 for message sending With a fast view I did not find how to disable those messages.

Waiting for original device to vanish Used memory is 0 of I’m dubious about the name: Now it worked perfectly, but only by wvdial. Search everywhere only in this topic. It sends and receive SMS. On Wed, Mar 16, at 2:

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