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We also modify a resistor increasing the brightness of the LED. This switch will give you 3 different and very usable modes. Opamp Chips Are Not Included. Although you can get some very smooth type overdrive from the mod that is not its strength. Previous 1 2 Next.

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The Socket Extender allows the legs of the Chip Adapter to be bent to allow it to lay closer to the PCB allowing the Chip Adapter to be installed in pedals with limited room.

In as xllums as I hated the rhythm sounds out of […]. The Vintage and Revision “D” kit are almost exactly the same. Distorted sounds are louder and clearer. But I am offering kits that replace all the Electrolytic caps for n20 that have not purchased my kits.

You’ll find that the LEDs will add volume, bass, a very smooth gain plus a ton of thick sustain. I created this mod for the Big Muff but it will work with every pedal I now offer a mod for.

Which Monte Allums mod for my BD-2?

I’ve got one and it really blows away most high end pedals at twice the price. Only the initial delay is affected. I also replace a few caps as some of the caps in these older pedals seem to leak and wander off tolerance over time.

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If transparency is what you are looking for in a compressor the Opto Plus is the mod I would recommend. The omnte of the parts is very poor and I do not recommend you try to mod them. That’s a big indicator. They are a big space saver on a board and help to keep things neat and tidy. This will give you room to install the Adapter Mod in a pedal like the BD-2 that has limited space.

But I went further, I painstakingly tweaked each Mod to perfection.

BD2: the Blues driver H20 Mod | LesPaul Player/Doc

You can see Jean-Francois Cyr on Youtube at http: We have removed this issue with this pedal. Wampler and others also use a higher value for Qllums In front of my Fender Cyber Deluxe my live rig the tones are to die for. This is a very cool mod and I have personally had a blast swapping out chips in a variety of pedals.

As a clean boost it doesn’t get any better than this. Which Monte Allums mod for my BD-2?

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Anyone else do the Blues Driver “H2O” mod?! (monte allums content) | Harmony Central

He includes a desoldering braid to help with this. Turned crap into gold.

Leed guitar is a Ibanez JS I am also replacing the Supra Plus with this mod. This makes swapping out components very convenient.

I cannot guarantee the result if you do. It’s all over the place. This adapter simply plugs directly into your existing 9V feed and then into your pedal.

With this mod the Daddy-O is unlike any distortion or overdrive I’ve ever heard. When using a Bass you’ll get enhanced note clarity and a super smooth, thick bottom. Can anyone attest to the effectiveness of either of these mods when applied to a stock blues driver, before and after? This is what thick mojte analog distortion is suppose to sound like.