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The easiest way to do this is by downloading this file: July 15th, 6. Now, build the driver, type: You’ll need to do the appropriate research for your distribution in order to determine how to bring up their ‘Package Manager’. Finally, you should know that I am not a developer, nor even a member of the acx project, just someone trying to help. At this point your driver has been completely compiled and installed. Successful output looks similar to this:.

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en:users:drivers:acx1xx [Linux Wireless]

If, on the other hand, you are using a kernel that you compiled and installed yourself, then it’s likely you left out something important and will need to re-compile it with the proper wireless networking support.

Then you’ll need to copy the aforementioned files to that directory, taking care that their names are preserved, and if necessary changed to be exactly as listed above. Wireless, ACX driver installation This is the full log: If you’re using a USB deviceyou have a couple more edits to make, so scroll down further to where it looks like this: PCI card users, re-check the physical installation of the card, and try switching it to another PCI slot, if possible.

July 15th, 5. Understand that this is not exactly how things should really be done, but appears to be a necessary hack to compile this driver module on SuSE 9.

[ubuntu] Wireless, ACX driver installation

Your kernel version numbers 2. Now you’ll want to briefly switch users back to your normal username, so type: You will also need the firmware, so download it here: Chad de Lange 21 1 2.


It can be either the kernel version your kernel-source version does not match your running kernel’s versionor the target CPU i, PII, PIII, P4, Athlon, i, etcor the version of gcc that was oinux to compile the acx module does not match the version that was used to compile the running kernel. Also note that removing the usb cable from your machine without first running: You may now be wondering why this older version of the driver hasn’t rendered your card functional.

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Floppy drives are typically: Worked first time for me on Ubuntu The “” in that command indicates how many kinux at the end of the log you’d like to see and you can adjust it to suit you. Now, verify the presence of the wireless-tools, type: Mounting and un-mounting media is one of the more fundamental tasks you’ll need to become proficient in, as well as how to find help on a command, so man mount is a good place to begin.

Perhaps one of the most defining and differentiating characteristic of any distribution is it’s package management system. July 15th, 6.

Of course, you’ll be substituting both the actual IP address of wlan0 returned on your system for ” If not, look for packages related to “development”, verify which contains the compiler, and install.


Wireless, ACX driver installation Well the problem is, my wireless connection is in the list, so i click it and then i have to enter my password. Open a terminal and do: Next, change to your home directory in your now non-root console by typing: You need to have a line in that file like this: The tool may work, or, it may not, and if it fails, it will most afx100 do a number of things that will have to be undone, and, not having every version of every Linux distro installed on my machines, I won’t be able to tell you what needs to be “undone”.

So before you acx1000 running off to begin the process of compiling iwconfig or gcc from source, I suggest you take another look at the menus, any online help and perhaps some Linux forums as well.

For the rest of you who’ve not compiled this or any other kernel module before note: To add that line you can type: So, please, read and understand: If your card qcx100 identified as a c: Substitute your access point’s ssid name for the “name” part of that command, and be aware that it’s case-sensitiveso “Default” is not the same as “default”.