5 Jan, 2019



Trying to hammer putters and mids right now and work on form. This same concept can also be applied to other discs as well. I recently pulled the high speed sh! It’s just that the TeeBird has an awesome rim shape, and you get very little fade with an insane amount of glide. Again, the conditions he was throwing in have nothing to do with golf. Unsung qualities of discs IMO.

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I fell the same way.

I have a beat up star boss now that I throw almost everywhere and for almost every “long” shot a firechicken or roc doesnt get thrown. How far you throwing your Leopard? The TL is still in the bag though, just cant get rid of it.

Innova GStar Teebird

I guess the idea is speed will get the disc further while it still has momentum to cover more distance before it runs out of gas, but there is also the question of how far it can go on less, or glide. It was quite possibly the longest drive I’ve ever had It will fly really far, but you distancs to throw it super high to do it. I may lose a little distance but it is going to land in the middle of the fairway.


I feel the same way. I’ve got a champ and a DX and just have never gotten super comfortable with it or given it a full time spot in my bag. More torque, more D.

Distance Drivers: Innova GStar Teebird

Is that due to the plastic itself some aerodynamic or form affectimproved grip giving disttance spin or the “beat” factor less stable? I had one that said Distance driver The leopard is forgiving on that and the Sidewinder is understable enough to somewhat mask it.

It’s easier for big arms to control range on Champ and Star Teebirds because they do fade out. Of course, they parked it really close. I distamce put a good deal of snap on them without much of a runup and get a great low, flat shot. Does that mean anything? I got my viking when I knew a destroyer was just not going to work.

Putting with a disc that has more fade, like a Wizard, will mean you’ll have shorter comeback putts on long attempts than if you distancs to use something really floaty, like a Putt’r.

That spike distance is likely when you happen to get everything just right.

You may be getting a better grip on the smaller rim also which would translate into more torque. For me, Champ and Star Teebirds act as long fariway drivers; I can’t get the same distance with them.

And the world record throw is? I have definitely matched drives with my Wraith by throwing a Teebird. Hell, I can put my flick way out there. I am pushing golf distance, and put a teebird alot more accurately aboutand with a well thrown leopard can pushand I ask myself all the time why I keep throwing my destroyers.


People stop playing disc golf during a specific season or what Also, used where there was a defined landing area and all else was OB. Fairway drivers all the way! As my friend always says It really likes to keep going, and straight at that. Sounds like nose angle. If I’ve heard correctly, the second longest throw to date was with a Teebird.

Both of which are the same speed as a valk. I can also throw it a little higher with some hyzer and get a controllable left hook shot. However, they beat in to have little fade and more glide than Champ or Star but will still “lock in” to flat from a hyzer throw without turning over.