25 May, 2018


Version 2 boards now appear to be working and stable. Any future orders will ship with these pre-installed. To print multiple test pages, hold down the engine test button. If you are interested, the source code is available on the “Software” page. Clean the outside surfaces with a lightly water-dampened cloth.

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Figure Registration Assembly Table Pop one of the tabs on the other side and the feed roller should fall into your hand Figure Had to add some circuitry to account for potential skew on the reset input. In parallel, I need to write the spec for the new version, for user review. Note It is best to set the font source from the printer driver or Figure Delivery Hp laserjet c3990a Removal 2 of 2 Page See Figure for roller and sensor locations. Turn the hp laserjet c3990a off and unplug the power cord and any cables.

HP LaserJet 4000 Service Manual

Then I’ll be caught up. Figure Subpad Removal 6 – Envelope fold lines can vary considerably, not only between manufacturers, but also within a box from the same manufacturer. Other Areas Hp laserjet c3990a of North America and Europe, contact your local HP sales office for assistance in obtaining technical support for resellers and service technicians.

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It would be nice if the effing FPGA would operate hp laserjet c3990a.


Transfer Roller is Replace the Transfer Roller. Hp laserjet c3990a the cover straight up until it is free of the tabs at the bottom and the power switch rod, then pull it away from the printer.

A few more images added to the memory map. PLUGx only works correctly with 4K modules.

HP 5L Service Manual

Communications Checks Table Time to try the programmable pull-downs on hp laserjet c3990a FPGA pins. It holds the spring in place. Each process functions independently and must be coordinated with the other printer processes. The Fan turns off in PowerSave mode hp laserjet c3990a the Fuser cools down. Carefully pull the door tab out Figurecallout 1 and away from the printer in a gentle rocking motion Figurecallout 2. Printer Description Overview This chapter discusses the following: The toner particles obtain a negative surface charge by rubbing against the developing cylinder which is connected to a negative DC supply.

To view a help file, access the online help through the printer driver.

Otherwise, print the event log. Replace these components as needed, based on printer failures or wear, not strictly on usage. Facing the rear of the printer, release the 2 latches as follows: Remove the motor screws Hp laserjet c3990acallout 2.

Release the catches on the front side of the cover. Incredibly, it seems to be working! Never print on the same sheet of labels more than once. Hp laserjet c3990a probably just jinxed everything by posting that. Resistors should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. Since there are about hp laserjet c3990a people on the waiting list, I’ll laserjeet start another batch shortly after I get the bare PC boards back.

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Where to Look for More Information. The Formatter PCA is completely bypassed during an engine test, so this test is useful laserjft isolating printer problems.

I have reverted to the previous -1E version until I get this mess cleaned up. Alphabetical Parts List Table lserjet Register read timing changed to improve Turbo mode performance. Necessary because of error in the code in Flash.

First board from this batch seems to work fine. Variable Fusing Temperature Figure Fusing Temperature Control Variable fusing temperature is a feature that gives the user or service technician the ability to adjust the fusing temperature hp laserjet c3990a on the media being used in the printer.