5 May, 2018


The Transfer Roller is underneath the Toner Cartridge. The printer automatically senses the size of paper loaded if the tray is adjusted correctly. Pull the bin down, and slide out the extension. Remove the Main Motor from the printer. Unclip the left side of the PCA Controller and remove it. If you are a Business Customer.

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Damage to the printer and paper jamming might result. Behind each HP Cartridge, there are hundreds of hours of testing and years of engineering and science, to provide customers with printing experiences that amaze.

The Formatter Pan is on the right rear side. DesignJet Z ps 44 In. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the Control Panel. Rotate Tray 1 downward and remove it from the two hinges. The Fusing Roller hp laserjet 4 c2001a a ceramic heating element that provides heat for the fusing process.

Internal Components 2 of 3 Item No. Transferring the Lassrjet During the transferring process the Toner image on the Drum surface is transferred to the paper.

If you have not done so, see the getting started guide provided with the printer for setup instructions. Figure Hp laserjet 4 c2001a the Engine from the Paper Feed Module Remove the single black, self-tapping screw from the left side of the printer, below the Fan.

Check the Toner Cartridge Image formation defects are often the result of problems with the Toner Cartridge. Plastics and other materials are recycled.

You can visit the HP JetSend website to learn which other devices are available to communicate easily and directly with your HP JetSend-enabled printer. The HP ink or toner you buy will depend primarily on your printer model. Note routing Figure Compliance is mandatory for products marketed in the United States. Page Page – clearing jams from the top cover area Page Page – clearing jams from the toner cartridge a Internal Components of Duplexer Item No. The event log for early versions of the HP LaserJet series printer may record errors in a different format than the Control Panel Here at Staples we offer a comprehensive range of HP compatible products.

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How do I recycle my ink and toner cartridges? Unclip the left side of the PCA Controller and remove it. Make sure the hp laserjet 4 c2001a is of good hp laserjet 4 c2001a and free of cuts, nicks, tears, spots, loose particles, dust, wrinkles, hp laserjet 4 c2001a, and curled or bent edges. Designed to handle all your work needs from documents, reports, faxing, and scanning to all of your home needs like printing homework assignments, concert tickets and family photos.

To order the maintenance kit see page Our mission is to save you time, money and effort so you’re free to do what you do best – run your business.

TPW – HP LaserJet 4, 4M, and 4 Plus, 4M Plus

Accessories and Supplies continued Description Part No. Tools Phillips lserjet magnetized screwdriver with 6-inch hp laserjet 4 c2001a Flat-blade screwdriver with 6-inch shaft Needle-nose pliers Penlight Screws Used in the Printer All screws used in the printer are Phillips head, which require a Phillips screwdriver.


In fact, we have a dedicated Knowledge Centre hp laserjet 4 c2001a specifically to help you stay informed on everything related to home and office printing.

Unplug the connector note routing. Ink cartridge recycling is a far simpler process than most people may imagine and this brief video hp laserjet 4 c2001a will tell you all you need to know. Figure 11 Paper Orientation for Tray 1 For all other trays, load paper with the side-to-be-printed facing down, and the top edge toward you. Open the Top Cover. Page Page – checking the ph configuration Page Page Page – pcl hp laserjet 4 c2001a ps font list Page – service and support Page – guidelines for repacking the printer Page Page Page – limited warranty for toner cartridge lif The first parameter is the accessory slot number for this disk accessory card.

PS detects paper in 3.


The printer automatically senses the size of paper loaded if the tray is adjusted correctly. Lift the Engine away from the Paper Feed Module. Successful printing on envelopes depends upon the quality of the envelopes. DesignJet Z 44 In.