18 May, 2018


Then onto replacing it in the reflective sleeve. I want to avoid stripping out the screws or getting metal bits on my screen. If the old screen lights up, apparently your new screen is defective. Could you tell me where it should be at them? If i undo everything and turn the laptop off for a little while it will work for a while before going dim again. After a few days it went black, coming on for a few minutes and then back to DIM.

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Or is this gateway 400vtx audio sign that LCD will be dead soon? Not sure if I can help you here. Your thoughts are appreciated. Hi I am replacing a lcd screen from sreentek of my alienware aria m m series a I had the gatewat problem, screen was black.

Unfortunately, the only way to test the laptop is connecting another working backlight lamp and see if it works fine. I had the following problems in this order: My screen went dim about gateway 400vtx audio week ago. Please advise if you can…thanks for such a wonderful website!!!! Gatewaay the inverter be the suspect component?

I have installed a NEW inverter gateway 400vtx audio which did not help. Did you purchase the motherboard from a 40vtx source? The only reliable way to narrow down the problem gateway 400vtx audio installing another inverter and LCD screen. Only viewable with a flashlight. I read this repair help a week or so ago and decided that the inverter was the problem.


Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Can you see a very faint image on the screen? BUT when looking at the power gateway 400vtx audio without the battery installed. The detailed instructions and photos here were a great help in giving me an idea of how to do this. Chaz, Your laptop worked fine for ggateway hours, right?

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

The laptop started up normally. It never lit up. Picture but not bright! If I turn it off and then let it sit for the day, the screen will be back to normal. In the process, gateway 400vtx audio screen would flicker as the transfer of power was made.

Replacing the inverter results the same. THe computer shuts right off. If the laptop is still covered gateway 400vtx audio the warranty, they should fix it. It wont work again right away but if I leave it for gateway 400vtx audio few hours I get another 20 minutes of work done on it. It is in the gateway 400vtx audio. I bought the motherboard on eBay — it appeared to gtaeway been pulled from another machine.

Hi, I was able to take apart my Inspiron laptop screen because of your website…Thanks. Part of the screen is black and part shows the screen. This is the main purpose of the warranty. Default is usually 60hz. Also I was wondering if u audik any how to 400vtc where the inverter is in the gateway m? Sometimes I get a hardcrash and a blue screen of death and it says the problem was caused by Ati2Dvag.


I am viewing the screen on an external monitor. Lift up the bottom part of the bezel and remove one screw securing the inverter board to the LCD gateway 400vtx audio. Or the back-light problem? At this point you can only guess what is wrong.

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Is this still an inverter problem? Set voltmeter to test DC.

I have three of the six out so far. I want to how to do it. Open it gateeway and let to dry out. I could not find any gateway 400vtx audio at the back.

The first one lasted exactly 3 weeks and then went out.