25 Jan, 2019


To cut a long story short the phone creates two separate images with one eye getting its own. In fact the phone can convert 2D images into 3D. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. When you view shots in the gallery the ones made in 3D mode have special symbol. You won’t need a hypersim anymore to unlock a phone from a carrier. The manufacturer claims hours on standby and minutes of talktime.

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If you have any inquiries concerning the User’s Manuals examined through, or downloaded by the Download Service, please contact General Inquiries docomo Information Center.

The content of the User’s Manuals including safety cautions may be changed at any time without notice to Users as the specifications for products and services are changed. It is still an uncharted territory. My attention was snatched by the “glassless” 3D. It is influenced by the way the 3D image is displayed sb-10c such screens.

When i tried to change the “clock format style” i can’t seem to change it no matter what. The screen is capacitive and it supports multitouch. Users are advised that inquiries concerning User’s Manuals provided by the Download Service may be restricted to persons actually purchasing products.

Android market comes preinstalled and all apps work well. This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members’ feedback on posts. In the apps list you can find many specialized programs, which are tailored for Japanese services and offer no use to other countries. Dmitry Provorov info j-phone.

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The handset has all standard communication capabilities without any limitations. The back panel reveals the battery, the Sy-10c and the SD card slots when removed as well as the relatively loud mono speaker.

Docomo SHC reviewed! –

Its settings and features have nothing unusual. Docomo full HD video sample. I must add that together with the phone a great number of cases will be available. Accordingly, Users are advised that the contents of the User’s Manuals provided by the Download Service may differ from those included with the purchased products or those included with the products on sale.

Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. In fact the phone can convert 2D images into 3D. I consulted the manual later and learned that this is actually the only way to remove it.

I would like to add xh-10c criticism.

Review of Sharp Docomo SH-12C Aquos Phone

Go to top of the page. Su-10c its single eye brothers it can make 3D photos and videos that you can view on your TV via the micro HDMI slot but you will need 3D glasses to view 3D contents unless you have a TV featuring same “glassless” technology.

Check your charges and data communications volume or apply for various procedures by My docomo. User Manual download for those new to Docomo phones: The Black set for SHC surprisingly looks much nicer to me in real life, compared to the other 2 avail colors.

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Switching to 3D shooting requires pressing a dedicated button on the screen, which activates the second lens.

Have no clue on this. The image moves deeper into the background and becomes livelier. The same depth of the background as if you are recording with your own phone is impossible, but you can still watch it.

The buttons work fine, however, I think the white backlight is rather dim and some people won’t find it sufficiently doccomo. Change it by degrees and the picture will split into two halves.

Users are advised that additional printed materials “Supplement Materials” may be included with products as supplements to the User’s Manuals, and that the Supplement Materials are not available under the Download Service. Animated wallpapers in the shape of differently sized and semi-transparent squares flying up to the horizon, icons of photo and video cameras, gallery and games racing away when pressed create unique 3D background.