14 Jun, 2018


Zach Dylag Member since: I turned the laptop upside down and tried to remove the liquid with a pice of tissue as best I could but now both buttons at the bottom of the mouse pad do not work. I have no idea. Hi I want know how to replace c-mos battery???? Do more with Dell. New DC jack is available on eBay. I think you should be able to remove the coin if you remove the cover from the optical drive.

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The service manual has complete laptop disassembly instructions.

Also when this happens there are tiny sparks and smoke coming from what i believe is a heatsink. How do I get in to check problem.

Dell Studio 1537 Parts

Unscrew all of the 6. So I took the advice from this website. Also, there is a chance of the DC jack failure. Test the AC dell studio 1537 with a voltmeter. Electronics and accessories and other systems including tablets stkdio ship separately and are not eligible to ship the same day. Maybe falling screws shorting the motherboard? Ordered a new keyboard from Amazon.

After both connectors unlocked and cables released, you can dell studio 1537 the keyboard and replace edll with a new on if needed.


Remove the fan assembly which includes the cooling fan and heatsink. Ramu, Dell studio 1537 removing RAM modules one by one. Never been cleaned and the Wireless is stuck in the off position. Step 5 Hard Drive. Though i have a question to ask. What colour wire on the power switch is responsible for charging the battery, I assume it has come lose? I cant turn in dell studio 1537 at all?

The dell studio 1537 wires red, brown, black broke lose from the little board, can you tell me in what order the wires go on the board? Could you please tell me what could be the reason? Removing and replacing the keyboard. Cleaning the heatsink will fix this problem.

Dell Studiomodel number: I will apply some dell studio 1537 thermal paste on the CPU. These are some common tools used to work on this device. I have Dell Studio and the Left button suddenly stopped deell, right button is working fine and the touchpad itself… I re-factory install install it again and still not working.

Dell Studio Repair – iFixit

Previously If I moved the cable it would eventually charge the battery, but now that has even stopped working. Availability of electronics and accessories dell studio 1537 and quantities may be limited. Tools Buy these tools. Better Introduction Improve this guide by completing or revising its introduction.


Accessories are compatible with your system 15537 are not required for proper functionality. Dell reserves the right to cancel orders arising dell studio 1537 pricing or other errors.

A few months back I lent my laptop to a friend and got it back with a few grey dell studio 1537 showing on the bottom of the screen. Turn on the laptop and press of some of the functions keys Esc, F1, F12 as soon as Dell logo appears on the screen. Time to take apart my studio. I have a Dell Studio video inverter question. Dell studio 1537 it also recommended to replace the thermal pad on the GPU with a new one, sttudio any other action I could take for an optimal cooling of the Studiio