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The higher the quality, the longer the process will take. Nov 7, 8: But you are correct, it’s now an extra cost option for both of them. The drive starts writing at 10x and jumps to 16x at about the 18 minute mark. All replies Drop Down menu.

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However, its performance was on par with the other Blu-ray Disc writers I’ve tested.

Just select your template type, disc information, text layout, background image and print destination. The CD Winbench test is as close as we can get to testing every day usage. Read on as we find out.

This means that LG’s new drive is capable of backing up titles protected by SafeDisc 2, including version 2. For this test I used Pure Funk. All replies Drop Down menu. By looking at the screenshot you can see that it starts reading at 3x and then accelerates, reaching 5x at about the 1. Desktops Pb06lu10 level out of ten: I can insert and remove disks using the white button on the front of it okay, but now nothing shows up on the desktop, CDs no longer play, and it doesn’t show up in Disk Utility or under ‘About this Mac’.

All of the files are between 1MB and 25MB in size and no more than 10 directories deep. The software features drag-and-drop functionality as well as automatic sorting, built-in search and face recognition technology. While LightScribe capable drives use the same laser when burning both the data and label, they have to be able to accurately control the laser’s focus and position as well as the spindle speed. Mc Electronics Provided By: To get the writing times, a 4. Originally, Steve Jobs referred to Blu-ray as “a bag of hurt”.

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Anyone used LG BP06LU10 Blu-ray burner? – Apple Community

I’ve checked the connections. This greatly reduces compatibility problems, especially with older DVD players. Nov 7, 8: To start the setup process, simply click on the “Install Now” button. The plastic also has a matte finish which makes it a little easier to hang onto the drive. Once added to your production, you can use the built-in editor to trim, merge or split your video clips.

LG BP06LU10 Support: Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.S.A

The drive writes at this speed bp06,u10 about the 56 minute mark. The software you install that comes with the Blu-ray drive you purchase or is part of the computer you buy that way is what puts the necessary codecs on the drive. It was working fine last night.

The odd part being that their side won the battle, but Apple still doesn’t support Blu-ray in its own software. However, at the time of this review, the list of compatible software is still relatively short. The owners of all of these independent copyright holders were at one time trying to come up with one reasonable, unified fee.

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While the drive mav able to go through the tests without creating any errors, it was unable to pass all of the on the fly copying tests. While this is pretty decent for a drive with a maximum read speed of 24x, the BP06LU10’s access times and overall score were not as good as some of the other portable drives we’ve looked at.

LG BE06LU10 external Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drive with OS X?

The BP06LU10 writes at this speed until about the 56 minute mark. I used 12x rated Memorex Gold 74 minute media for the tests. While its seek times were a little higher than I would have liked, it read CD’s at speeds as high at 24x and single layer DVD’s at 8x. If nothing else, this will save me necessarily having to buy Toast. For a portable drive, it turned in some respectable times and the writing quality was pretty good for the most part.