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Valky – 27 01 05 – An authentication dialog may appear when you click Post Comment. I left the default setting for 50MB min, MB max and enabled the multisegment capture and spill drives. Phaeron – 12 01 05 – Phaeron – 15 01 05 – Please Help with WDM capture cards!! It isn’t available in the current VirtualDub help.

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I could have read a few bad sources, but VirtualDub renders the VP pin and hides the resulting window; I haven’t checked if the overlay is busy or not, but DirectDraw blits at least still work. Whether I had certain settings configured wrong or maybe problems with my operating system,I dont know. The DirectShow driver now supports using a sound card to capture audio.

A granularity setting for using the mouse wheel to scroll through the video would be nice, to advance through real quick, or crawl real slow. Board index All times are UTC. Reduced graph rebuilding in DirectShow driver for better performance. It does look like the code edm forcing the MPEG driver by mistake — oops. That does sound like an FFMPEG bug, because VirtualDub hands its window to the video codec, which is supposed to use that as the parent for the dialog and thus automatically disable the video compression window.

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Stuff I haven’t gotten around to yet: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. About the script help: Actually, this was The One Most Anticipation of mine. Mind sending me a screenshot by email?

ATI Catalyst Radeon (Windows XP//Media Center) Driver – TechSpot

Is there any way to make it save that as default? It’s a microsoft product, using directX which is a wondder product, if they can’t make it work Disabled normal nice-in-background behavior for accelerated display. For instance, you can now change some of the video filter settings while a capture is in progress, and switch video formats while the video histogram is displayed.

My system hanged badly. The WDM version 8. Further details can be found in topic number. Valky – 27 01 05 – Then the next file was somewhere around MB, then the last file was like MB.

Anyway i hope you try to fix that, Thanks for the support.

ATI All-In-Wonder/VIVO WDM Driver 4.07/8.33 Windows XP x64

Fixed erratic resampling and display when capturing with audio compression and with audio peak meter displayed. NET Framework Version 1. It has already refused to work in anything but XP simply because I upgraded my motherboard. When I first tried it,like I said,I was having problems with blocky horizontal lines,but now it seems to have fixed itself.


Lorenzo – 14 09 05 – For example, I’m using a cam with MS Messenger.

ATI Catalyst Radeon 5.13 (Windows XP/2000/Media Center)

My email address is on the “contact info” page linked on the left. I would not expect this card to act normally about anything. I have now successfully captured video in resolutions up to x, which wasn’t even possible with the VoodooTV. I don’t think it’s a bug anyway ; It’s the first version i try since 1.

Capturing at half the maximum resolution should work, but if you want higher resolutions, capture at full resolution with a lossless codec or one that has an interlacing option XviD and use a deinterlacing filter afterword. Since I’m a fotographer, I’m greatly interested in using VDub.