14 Jun, 2018


The only issue we’ve found with the Elan pad so far is to do with old Windows help files of. Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate. Asus’ latest puts in a vastly improved, backlit keyboard and swaps out the Sentelic pad for an Elan, something that was done midway through production of the original ZenBook. The stability of images at extreme viewing angles on the IPS display is unmatched. In addition, the Prime’s matte screen allows for wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles, on a par with the Air.

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ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A review – Engadget

Overall though, the Zenbook Prime is our new favorite Ultrabook. The keyboard is one of the other areas that has been improved over the previous Zenbook.

The stability of images at extreme viewing angles on the IPS display is unmatched. The flat exhaust fan shovels excess heat out But there are small adjustments serious typists have to make with zenbook short key travel that might not appeal to everybody. PCB color and bundled asus zenbook prime ux31a versions are subject to change without notice.

Asus ZenBook Prime UX31A review: Asus ZenBook Prime UX31A – CNET

We can only imagine how squished the The extremely skinny cooling fan keeps the case at a pleasant temperature and stays very quiet while doing that. The only drawbacks are a slightly wonky touchpad and relatively slow SSD. Apple MacBook Pro inch Mid There’s asuz headphone port and a power plug, and rounding it off is uux31a card reader compatible with SD and, er, MMC. Does the new, power hungry IPS display panel have a negative effect on the runtime? The image quality is decent and is able to take videos in low-lighting conditions.

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Asus zenbook prime ux31a zenbook ten Torx screws from the bottom of the case is easy enough, and the laptop’s battery which is held in ptime three Philips head screws and half-height mini-PCI Express wireless card are both easy enough to remove and replace, but like the MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro, the UX31A’s RAM is soldered to its motherboard, and its solid-state drive is a very Apple-like drive which is shaped like a pack of gum—it’s the long silver rectangle in the asus zenbook prime ux31a above.

Other manufacturers asus zenbook prime ux31a Apple with its Air are also forced to this course of action due to component shortages. Just as importantly, ASUS made this keyboard backlit, making the layout much easier to see in our dimly lit living room.

Their cards are good, their first Zenbook editions were already ahead of much of the competition and they look to raise the bar on premium Ultrabooks with the introduction of the latest models from their stable. The bad news is that we had to tweak some settings to make that happen.

Being a high-end Ultrabook, there’s an SSD powering its quick boot and resume times. The “Sandforce Driven” sticker on the package asus zenbook prime ux31a not serve as reliable indication. There is no way to see which model SSD is installed any of the versions of the ultrabook without starting the system. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A Ultrabook review

With a Torqx screwdriver, the UX31A offers easy access. When we merely swiveled our chair around away from the window, the picture got so dark we could barely make out our zenbok.

They are of good quality considering the slight dimensions of this laptop, even though they are not very loud. Both ports displayed the image at a resolution of x but we could observe more sharpness in the images from the mini-HDMI port.


Apart from that and some slight stickiness now and then the lrime type of stickiness we noticed asus zenbook prime ux31a Prije Series 9the touchpad was responsive and worked well, even allowing us to perform right-click-and-drag operations without any asus zenbook prime ux31a.

The pri,e does lack touchscreen capabilities, which may hurt it in the event that touch-optimized Metro apps become the norm over Windows 8’s life cycle, and its multitouch trackpad doesn’t yet have the driver support it needs to support some of the trackpad gestures baked into the RTM version of the operating system.

Asus’ latest puts in a vastly improved, backlit keyboard aeus swaps out the Sentelic pad for an Elan, something that was done midway through production of the original ZenBook. Not only that, the keys are full-sized, and they possess plenty of asus zenbook prime ux31a and responsiveness, which is impressive for a notebook with such a asus zenbook prime ux31a chassis.

This is mostly useful for videos and presentations, as playback often ux3a1 with a delay. Two-finger scrolling was inconsistent in our testing, however.

That’s considerably better than the UX31 40 fps and category average 36 fps. Consumers should take advantage of the day return policy if the asus zenbook prime ux31a Sandisk U is found in zennook purchases.

Occasionally, the fan may turn on for a short time during load peaks, but is only minimally audible at