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Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. May 7, Posts: In other words, stuff on the shelves, faster than my current stuff, for a bargain relative to original new pricing. BioShock Infinite and Metro: May 6, Posts:

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Asus v8200T5 Deluxe / Pure

It’s not like it’s actually crippled like the Mx, it just has lower clockspeeds. Some time ago I wrote about the Titanium line. Giants The tests were conducted in and bit colors in the highest quality modes. Thu Oct 04, 6: This is good news, for me anyway quote: And even Pure cards which lack such details have places for mounting the corresponding chips and connectors. But in a 2D mode the Deluxs utility decreases the card’s frequencies lower than the rated ones, but doesn’t do it always correctly, thus causing some artifacts on a screen.

Mar 9, Posts: The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. Thu Oct 04, 3: But as it lacks for additional cooling, the overclocking potential isn’t be high. It’s a form of hardware scavenger hunting. As you remember, the GeForce3 cards had black textolite, and now the company comes back to the yellow one.


I’m as enthusiastic as anyone about new hardware, but I look at things more in terms of the fact that now there will be new old stock.

EtronTech asuss memory chips with 4 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz. Besides, in our 3Digest you can get thorough information on performance of these cards on different platforms.

Sep 28, Posts: May 19, Posts: At last the developers released normal drivers for video capture for the Windows XP ver. Moreover, its prices are higher than the competitors’ ones.

Now we are going to take a look at the Deluxe revision. Thu Oct 04, 2: Another program, WinProducer, is a clip editor: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. All the cards have a wide set of accessories, especially the Deluxe revisions. The complete characteristics of video cards of this and other classes can be found in our 3Digest.


ASUS VT5 Pure/Deluxe – NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January

The Deluxe version comes in a plastic bag dressed in cardboard box which has a small window through which you can v82000t5 the card. Wed Oct 03, 2: It is a usual memory installed on all GeForce3 cards. The Ti card, especially Deluxe, is too expensive, though it is better in speed and in accessories.

May 7, Posts: Must I get a Ti? Dec 22, Posts: Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.